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I just bought the November issue of a military modeling magazine that I found in my local hobby shop.  They're showing how to build an AVG P-40B.  The thing is they included a brief history of the AVG in the article.  In said article, they stated that the AVG racked up 286 Japanese aircraft destroyed and then they said it was really only 115 planes according to the Japanese records.  I think whoever wrote the article was getting his info out of the "Book That Shall Not Be Mentioned" by the "Author Who Shall Not Be Mentioned".  I think I'll rename him Voldemort.  Oooops.  I think I'm not supposed to mention that name either.  :-x  :xd:  :angel:  Sorry.  I saw a Harry Potter movie last night.  :P  At least they didn't mention the 14th AF as being part of the Flying Tigers. 

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