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 Wearing the AVG pin on a US Army Air Force Uniform, Discussion of WWII uniform standards (1 Replies, Read 4729 times)
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Several Forum members have asked in the past of the wearing of the AVG insignia (the leaping winged tiger leaping out of the blue Victory "V").

Two of the more well known AVG Flying Tigers, David Lee "Tex" Hill and James H. Howard can be seen wearing the AVG insignia on the right breast pocket of their Army Air Force uniforms.

Howard can be seen in his book ROAR OF THE TIGER in photos between pp. 214-215.  In one of the photos Howard is receiving the Medal of Honor from Lt. Gen. Carl Spaatz while, in another photo, he is shown with XIX TAC commander Brig. Pete Quesada.  Maj. Howard served as CO of the 356th Fighter Squadron (the "Red Ass" sqdn.) flying out of Boxted Airfield in England for the 9AF.  He later commanded the 354th Fighter Group after being awarded the Medal of Honor for action on 11 Jan 44 over Germany.

As for Tex Hill, there are two different conditions.  In his book TEX HILL: FLYING TIGER he is shown on pp. 214 & 221 wearing his Chinese Air Force pilot's wings over his right breast pocket.  Another photo on p. 206 shows Tex sporting his AVG insignia on his right breast pocket....on the day when he was in Washington, DC to brief the service chiefs (before the Joint Chiefs of Staff was formed under the 1947 Defense Act) about the war in China.  After his AVG service, Tex commanded the 75th Fighter Squadron (the "Tiger Sharks") and then commanded the 23rd Fighter Group of the 14th Air Force.

Tex's grandson, USAF officer Reagan Schaupp who co-authored the book, relates how Tex described the situation regarding the insignias.  During the transition time from AVG to China Air Task Force to 14th Air Force there was a critical shortage of many items in China (under the "Germany First" Allied strategy).....including medals and insignias.  Tex said that they made do with what they had.....

Gen. Joseph Stillwell was big on dress and the fact that the AVG did not have a standard issue uniform irked him as he felt that the AVG was not up to his standards.  Of course, Brig. Gen. Clayton Bissell was also of this nature and he greatly maligned the AVG for their appearance......regardless of how they were doing in the air vs. the Japanese (which was DING HAO......very good!).

Any more thoughts on this topic?  Any photos?


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Wearing the AVG pin on a US Army Air Force Uniform
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Here is a photo of John J Dean, 1st Squadron, in AVG uniform. I got a copy from Roy Dean, John's brother who lives in Sarasota.

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