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We remember with fondness the many dear friends, family, leaders & staff of the AVG who gave so much to defend the Chinese people and to protect freedom in a faraway part of WWII, the China-Burma-India theater of war.

God bless you....and thanks!
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For your research, please contact me directly:

Thank you!
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<![CDATA[Reunion]]> I'm a student writing a paper on the Flying Tigers. I was wondering where/when the 2017 reunion is, and whether it's open to visitors for research purposes.
Thank you.

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Here is the link so that you can easily locate the FEI HU dvd at our AVG website.
It will really give you a personal insight into the life of the Tigers circa 1941-42 as they were recruited, traveled to the exotic land of the British colony Burma, trained in Chennault's "kindergarten", flew and repaired the shrinking fleet of P-40B Tomahawks and bravely fought the Japanese air and land forces in a valiant effort to defend the Burma Road and help to keep China in the war.

You will indeed love and respect the Tigers, just as we do....!
Fri, 02 Jun 2017 08:14:13 GMT
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