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 ICW-ATC Lal Hat India (1 Replies, Read 24957 times)
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I have obtained some great material from the estate of Captain Eugene Heilpern, Jr. of Montgomery, Alabama who died Dec. 3, 2011. He was an ATC pilot in World War II. He flew the C-46 and an occasional C-47 transport Planes flying freight to Hump Stations in the Himalayas in support of China operations, and over the hump into China and Burma. From his flight logs I believe he was Stationed in Lal Hat, India. If so, he was in the 1326th AAFBU (Army Air Force Base Unit).

I have his first 5 flight log books (yes, the original log books) from Dec. 1942 through August, 1948. And another Log Book from July 1970 to Feb. 1976. They covers his civilian pilots licence training before he enlisted, his period as a civilian Instructor at BFTS #1 (Terrell, TX), his military pilot training, all his CBI flights, and some flying after he got out of the service.

I also have:
4 WW2 photos of him (one taken in CBI, and 3 in training in US)
his CBI theater made shoulder patch
4 of his pilots medical certificates from 1943 until 1966
his temporary reinstated Commercial Pilot's License issued in 1964
his Hump Pilots Association membership certificate
his Chinese Air Force Certificate (and translation)
his Quiet Birdman Code Book.

His log books are facinating reading! At a quick glace I only see one remark about an accident and that was in his civilian flight training. He flew over to India via the southern route in a C-46 from Jan 3, 1945 to Jan 18, 1945. He began flying missions out of Lal Hat on Jan. 25, 1945. His last CBI flight was on Nov. 14, 1945 with 1035.25 hours of overseas flight time, over 953 hours in the CBI Theater, with 208 hours and 15 minutes of that being hump time.

I am only assuming he was stationed at Lal Hat in the 1326th because that is where most of the flights in his CBI log book begin and end. How would I go about confirming that? I cannot find a lot about that unit on the www.

Thanks, Paul
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ICW-ATC Lal Hat India
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Dear Paul,
You are probably looking for the 14th Air Force Association. You have reached the American Volunteer Group Flying Tigers. They were not in the US Air Force, although they are now veterans of the same. They were fighting the Japanese in 1941 and 1942 and were disbanded on July 4, 1942.
Good luck in your search.
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