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 Flying Tiger Photos and Fly-by (1 Replies, Read 13695 times)
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Paul Allen of Microsoft, has a Flying Heritage Collection of WW II fighters which is kept at Paine Field, WA.

The planes are actual W II fighters, and normally are flown one or more times a year.

Last year I made a short video clip of a P-40 and a WWI Jenny.

The Flying Tiger and a Spitfire were flown 5/22. Here's a link to a video clip of their: start-up, taxi, take off, and fly-by.

The sound is actual, and very loud, so be sure your sound is not up high at the start.The file is a 26 meg file. http://www.pointshooting.com/spitfire.wmv

This link is to a shorter one on U-tube

Photos of those and other planes, plus several fly-by videos, are on my fly-by page - http://www.pointshooting.com/1aflyby.htm

Help yourself to any of the photos and videos.

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Flying Tiger Photos and Fly-by
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You can't beat the sound of those Allison or Merlin engines. 

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