Missing Names http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1062 Wed, 03 Nov 2010 10:01:09 GMT http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1062 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1061 I believe this has gone on too long and too far off the original topic.

Hawkadoodle, we can give you answers to your original questions if you will just give us your grandfather's name. 

If you choose to ignore that basic request, we will need to end this unproductive "discussion" and move on to other things.

Jo Neal]]>
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<![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1060 I'm trying my best, apparently, I have also become persona non grata. My main goal was to try to get answers to questions myself. (many went unanswered) plus find out more about The Fighting Tigers from the men who really know! Just as Silver and Mayor have started to give me some direction which has been helpful you now choose to have me shut out. (I don't know if thats what you are truly trying to do but thats what it feels like) I thank you for contacting the Colonel but based on the information you would have been able to give him, I would have agreed with him.
Mayor mentions having a book about Delta that has pictures, how far does it go back? Does it have any pictures from the 40's?]]>
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I never saw anything in print where any of the Tuskegee airmen ever went to the Pacific.  They flew against the German pilots and not the Japanese.  The one thing they did have in common with the AVG was that they did fly P40's initially but that was it.  The first group of Tuskegee airman finished flight training in Mar 42, but nothing indicates that mobilized until after July 42.  ]]>
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<![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1056 ]]> Mon, 01 Nov 2010 20:22:22 GMT http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=6#p1056 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1054 I was also reading about a group of tuskeege men that flew for the tigers. Is that true or another stretch of an author's poetic license?]]> Mon, 01 Nov 2010 20:15:36 GMT http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1054 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1052 Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:13:40 GMT http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1052 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1051 This what one of the things I had read about Boyington using a different name.  It was from "Flying Tigers" by Daniel Ford "too good to be true"]]> Mon, 01 Nov 2010 15:37:17 GMT http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1051 <![CDATA[Missing Names]]> http://www.forums.flyingtigersavg.com/index.php?tid=235&tpg=5#p1050
Not that it makes that  much difference, Frank Losonsky is the  youngest of the AVG
(1941-1942).  I signed my CAMCO contract in April 1941 at the age of 19.

Chuck Baisden
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