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Daughters of Carl Kice Brown, M.D. - AVG pilot]]>
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<![CDATA[2018 AVG FLYING TIGERS REUNION]]> Thank you for helping us to preserve the legacy of the AVG Flying Tigers!
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<![CDATA[Anna Chennault death]]>
She was very generous and gave a very nice luncheon in the fall of 2009 during the Library of Congress symposium to honor Asian-Americans who fought for freedom during WWII.
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<![CDATA[Looking for info about Louis Wyatt]]>
My dad had a book on the Flying Tigers and would point out Uncle Lou's name and tell me a story about his big brother.  But they were far enough apart in age that he didn't get to spend a whole lot with him.  But he never mentioned him having a child so either Uncle Lou didn't know, or he just never told the family here. 

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<![CDATA[Jack Bond]]>
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Those planes were sent to West Africa in USAAF warpaint and flown to Kunming that way by AVG and civilian ferry pilots and maybe a few US Army pilots. They were repainted in Kunming by the AVG ground crews. All this is covered in detail in Daniel Ford's history of the AVG

The AVG Tomahawks (strictly speaking, they weren't P-40Bs but a variant built for the British) were taken from a lot being built for the RAF. They weren't Lend-Lease, which came in later. China paid for them directly to Curtiss-Wright, and paid General Motors for the engines, using an American loan. Then the USAAF later bought the left-overs back from China in July 1942.]]>
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