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Those planes were sent to West Africa in USAAF warpaint and flown to Kunming that way by AVG and civilian ferry pilots and maybe a few US Army pilots. They were repainted in Kunming by the AVG ground crews. All this is covered in detail in Daniel Ford's history of the AVG

The AVG Tomahawks (strictly speaking, they weren't P-40Bs but a variant built for the British) were taken from a lot being built for the RAF. They weren't Lend-Lease, which came in later. China paid for them directly to Curtiss-Wright, and paid General Motors for the engines, using an American loan. Then the USAAF later bought the left-overs back from China in July 1942.]]>
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Neither E model has squadron decals. Even more interesting is Tex Hill's being a part of the 23rd air group but still having Chinese stars. Some one know the answer to that?!
I bought the decal sheet, I'd like to get the most out of it, and Squadron decals add a lot in my mind. But I still want to stay historically accurate.]]>
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Yes, there were at least 33 P-40Es ferried in from Accra, Africa by AVG pilots in the spring of '42.  The numbers indeed were 101-134.  We have never seen a list of assigned pilots to these E-models acquired from the U.S. Army Air Force.  In the R.T. Smith book TALE OF THE TIGER you can see a few photos from R.T.'s ferry mission which give you a good idea of the plane markings.  Of course, there was some painting to be done once they landed in Kunming and entered service with the AVG of the Chinese Air Force.  After disbandment of the AVG on July 4, 1942 nineteen of the 33 P-40Es were acquired by the 10AF/CATF/23FG.

We have no information on whether or not Greg Boyington ever flew one of the AVG P-40Es before he was terminated by Chennault.

Please let us know if we can help you further!

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<![CDATA[P-40E's in the AVG]]> I was looking to build this to be Boyington's plane (however he flew a B model number 21). I have some flexibility with the kit though. It has decals for 1st Squadron Adam and Eve, so I can build any E variant assigned to that squadron. I have so far found a pic of just one E variant in that squadron: Airframe 125. Do we know what pilots flew what aircraft? What aircraft were assigned to what squadron? What all Boyington flew before he left in April 42? Could he have also flown a newly acquired E?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
- Jim]]>
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