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 Happy Chinese New Year from China To All, greeting fro China (1 Replies, Read 42346 times)
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Happy Chinese New Year from China To All!

Chinese new year is the most important festival for Chinese people, actually,for Chinese people, Chinese New Year is not only a carnival, we also send our best blessings or wishes to our loved ones.

So I post my greeting message here on this unique day.

And I have a story to share wtih you:In the winter of 1995, when I was 20, occasionally I visited the anti-Japanese aviation martyrs memorial in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. There were lots of people's names carved in marble, as well as their dates of  birth and death. From that information, I figured out that most of them were Americans, coupled with lot of Chinese, and some USSR and Korean people. To my amazement , I realized most of them who had sacrificed their priceless lives for China had died at their early twenties, the same as my age at that time. Even now, I still remember those feelings and images.

After that, I sometimes recalled those names which were carved in marble. Although I could  not remember them exactly, I always remember that they died so young for China.Now I am 41, and my understanding of life, death, family and love are deeper than before when I was young.

Eventually, I fully comprehended what those young men's scarifices mean. I also pondered on why those young men came to China to help us to resist the Japanese invasion despite the fatal risks. Did their parents or lovers feel rueful? I can never know that.Nontheless, I definitely know that all their devotions shouldn't ever be forgotten.

No matter where they are I just want to let them know they are still missed by some Chinese, and I believe they can feel the love and respect from the people of China. This is conscience.

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Happy Chinese New Year from China To All
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Widow of AVG pilot J. R. Rossi
Thank you for a very heart-felt message about our heroes who died so young and so far away from home. We remember them.
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