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 AVG Board games/Monopoly (1 Replies, Read 13284 times)
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I was wondering what version of Monopoly the AVG played?
Wood pieces?  I read that the AVG played acey ducy, cards, High Finance, Monopoly.
Any other games you guys remember
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AVG Board games/Monopoly
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At that time in history, that game should have been the original game with the wooden houses and hotels.  I have an old  set with the copyright  date of 1935.  I don't think that was the year this set was made but it's supposed to be pretty old.  The year 1935 is not that far away from 1941 and I doubt they modified the set in 6 years like they do today. 

I've seen the AVG living history group website and visit there often.  I love that site.  I wish I could participate also but I'm too far away from you guys.  BTW, where do you get the repro memorabilia you use.  I've seen one or two sites, especially Garcia Aviation but I don't know which other ones are reputable.  Thanks in advance. 

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